Choosing the appropriate roof tiles system is critical for your commercial roofing since they are essential in protecting against adverse weather conditions. You can choose from multiple roof tiles with different materials, textures, and patterns.

A roof tiles system is a type of roofing in which tiles overlay and are attached to a frame. Each tile has an upper surface with a hook-like projection on one side and a lip on the other. The hook fits over the lip of the tile below it, securing them together.


What are the Best Roof Tiles?

These are the best roof tiles for your business: clay tiles, metal tiles, solar roof tiles, composite roof tiles, and slate roof tiles.

  • Concrete tiles

These tiles are made from Portland cement and sand. They’re incredibly durable, but they tend to be heavier than other tile options, so you need to have a solid substructure for them.

  • Clay tiles

They are made from natural clay, then fired at high temperatures to create the final product. They’re widely considered the most attractive option for roofing tiles.

  • Metal tiles

The best metal roof for commercial buildings is aluminum, zinc, or copper. They offer excellent weather resistance and durability. They’re also lightweight and highly fire-resistant, but they can be more expensive than other options.

  • Solar roofing tiles

Harness energy from the sun to power your home—they can even send excess energy back into the grid if your system is set up for it. They don’t require additional space on your roof because they replace regular asphalt shingles or metal panels on your house, so there’s no need to worry about bulky solar panels taking over your rooftop!

  • Composite roof tiles

Composite (also called synthetic) tiles are made from recycled materials.


What is the Best Roof Tile System?

The best roof tile systems in commercial roofing are interlocking roofing, French style, Spanish style, and mission style.

These styles are designed to meet the needs of all kinds of commercial applications, from large corporate buildings to small-town banks.

  • Interlocking roofing

They are excellent for low-slope applications like grocery stores and restaurants. They offer complete weather protection and a long life span. These tiles have a mesh backing that makes installation quick and easy.

  • French-style tiles

French-style tiles are another popular option for commercial roofs. These tiles can be laid in patterns that mimic traditional French architecture. You can choose from several different colors and textures to match the existing architecture of your building or create a new look by mixing different styles. If you’re interested in this type of tile, contact us.

  • Spanish style tiles

These roof tiles create one of the most commonly recognized tile roof types for commercial purposes. They look like barrel-shaped clay tiles that have been in use since the Roman Empire. In Spanish-speaking countries, they are known as Tejas. T

The Spanish-style roofs were designed to be interlocking, so water would not seep through the joints. An underlayment system on the tiles further protects the roofs.

  • Mission-style tiles

Although perfect for churches, the style can be applied to other commercial buildings because they add an old-world feel to any building’s exterior.