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We know how much your roof means to you—and we want to help you get it back in tip-top shape. A roof is an important aspect of a home, it protects you from elements of weather such as wind damage from hurricanes and solar heat.

At we want to ensure that your roof is restored to its original conditions at a price that’s right for you. We understand that bad weather may have caused property damage in your place, and we’re here to help! We’re located in Orlando at 1802 North Alafaya Trail.

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What is Roof Restoration?

Roofing restoration is the process of using building products to make your roof look new again. At, we know that your roof is an important part of your home. You want it to work and look good for a long time, and we are here to help you make that happen.

We know that wind damage from hurricanes has made your roof to be in bad shape and we are here in Orlando to restore your roof. You don’t have to entirely replace your roof because it might be expensive, so you need a roof restoration. We have durable materials that will allow us to restore your roof so that it looks new again without costing you much money

What is the Process of Roof Restoration?

The process of roof restoration depends on the following factors; type of roof, roofing material, and the nature of roof damage. Our roof restoration services involve the following process:

1. Roof Assessment

At, we know that your roof is essential to the health and safety of your family. We understand that you might have had property damage from bad elements of weather. But before starting the restorations, our experts will come and assess your roof. We will go inside the building to look for any leaks, water stains, or strange odors. Our experts will also inspect any cracks or holes in the roof to know the extent of the damage.

2. Cost Estimation

After we finish our roof assessment, we will provide you with a detailed report that highlights any issues with your roof and how to fix them. We will prepare an itemized quote which might include sealants, coatings, paints, and other roofing materials. You will need to approve the quote, then we will create a timeline for your roof restoration.

3. Cleaning

Cleaning your roof is one of the most important steps in getting started on roof restoration. At we use high pressure to clean molds, debris, and any other form of dirt on your roof. Our cleaning service is guaranteed to get rid of mold, moss, algae, and other debris.

4. Repairs

Roof restoration is a labor-intensive process that can take weeks to complete. We take pride in our work, and we know how important it is to get your roof right the first time.

After we clean your roof, we start repairs by replacing any broken tiles, patching any holes in metal sheets, and sealing any leaks. The result will be a beautiful roof that looks new and prevents further damage for years to come!

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